Friday, March 11, 2011

Major Projects

Alright, so let's spit out some ideas for these final projects!


Personal- this won't be too bad, I think.

  • La Rambla/the beach - being bothered by people to buy things
  • Water- the fun Barcelona's designers seem to have with adding water into landscaping, plazas, parks, and even shows (at Montjuic)
  • I'm thinking about taking a random video for one day and see if I can pick out any more specifics relating to my experience in Barcelona

Professional- how architecture is practiced/approached in Barcelona

  • Importance of the Grid
  • Differences in architectural style/mindsets; maybe interview one my professors who had studied in Germany and worked in a Catalan firm, or one professor who studied/practiced in the Netherlands, teaches in Barcelona
  • Importance of Gaudi
  • Importance/influence of the need for public spaces
  • The difference in approach and process in architectural projects between Studio Barcelona and Studio Clemson

Public Issues- 

  • Pick-pocketing
  • Issue of homeless people v. public buildings
  • Issue of ownership in terms of property and housing

This is all I can think of right now. I'll keep jotting down notes when I can think of more things! The whole social/public issues thing is a bit difficult to tackle, since I'm not aware of many besides what I see living here. That's also difficult because sometimes I just accepted it as part of the culture (such as pick pocketing. Just thought it was part of the Barcelona way, but found out it's actually a big problem and heard that the police even give out rewards to citizens who attack pick pocketers?)

Some more research is needed, here.


  1. I think your Public issue video should be a bounty-hunter style documentary, tracking down and catching the pick-pocketers for money.

    just kidding. But that would be entertaining, no?

    You have a lot of good ideas so far!

  2. I couldn't get any of the videos to work properly. Therefore I will be bugging you later about what exactly we're supposed to do for this project. Because I am impressed by your intensely organized outline here and you have therefore gained a lot of ethos.

  3. Im assuming you are in Barcelona for architecture considering that you want to do your professional video on architecture? Am I right? You'll have lots of great information and examples for that! Great ideas! Maybe for the pick-pocketing thing you can interview those who have been pick-pocketed.