Friday, March 25, 2011

Digital Medias!

Here is a video I took of an art installation in Berlin.

The reason for this video is the fact that a picture simply does not capture what this thing really is. In photo-form, it looks pretty boring and just weird, but being able to see the interaction of the shiny pieces with the wind allows us to understand what it really is. It serves no function, really, it's just cool.

Photo of the installation. See what I mean?

What's included? Mostly just the installation since it's the subject of the video.
What's exluded? More of the context, the highway near by (though you can hear it), people
Foreground, background? Foreground; the subject. Background; sounds from the highway and the facade on which the installation is located
How does it tell my story? Well, I hope that it shows the neat way the shiny flittering pieces interact with the wind and light to create a nice little pause; all of which can't be captured simply through a photo (as much as I wish it could be)

As for the video with Latifa Jbabdi, what struck me as very effective in the video are the scenes where she is sitting by herself in the seats of Parliament. I think it's very symbolic in the way that Latifa is the (first?, and) only female in Parliament, yet she looks comfortable sitting in the seats, showing that she is not intimidated by her position and is most likely a strong member. 
The bit in the beginning with maps and music help to put the video in context, as well as adding images of women from the area. By shooting more images of women than men in the video, Latifa's cause is easily shown and strengthened. 

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