Saturday, March 26, 2011

Audio, interviews, and final shtuffs

Wow, a lot of material this time! I'm very excited about this part of the video project so far. I can't wait to start experimenting with adding audio to videos and what not. I also think interviewing people will be fun. Maybe I'll pretend to be a news anchor or something, talk about a dramatic story, have a potted plant in the background as I sit at least 5ft away from the person I'm interviewing with a very serious face. (too much TV) I'm still really skeptical about the video editing skills that I severely lack. If only all videos could be done with one take..

Anyways, final project plannings:

  1. Personal: Thinking about walking down La Rambla with my camera and maybe tallying up how many times I get harassed to eat somewhere, see a buskar, to buy things, etc. 
  2. Professional: Getting a lot of footage on different green spaces with water, so will probably talk about water in design
  3. Social/political: Interviewing people who have been pick-pocketed in Spain. And maybe have a little fun with "recreating scenarios" or something like that. 
How to do an interview seems pretty simple,  but there's so many factors that we have to take into account. Lighting? Position of the camera? Don't look into the camera? I feel like I'd get so overwhelmed by these technical things that I'd probably just do a horrible job making a serious interview! Crossing fingers, though.

But really, I can't wait to find really fun audio clips and use them for my videos! Maybe some dramatic music for the interview(s) will help enhance the whole experience?

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